Sunset cruise in Barcelona

Romantic sunset cruise in Barcelona

Surprise your partner with this wonderful experience.


Surprise your partner with this fantastic experience. Enjoy a spectacular sunset from the sea aboard our classic sailboat, the "Flamenco", in exclusivity for both of you. Join us and watch the sunset, when the city sky is dyed reddish tones, and enjoy a magical experience in the sea of Barcelona. Learn some of the maneuvers of the sailboat with our skipper, or just relax on deck listening to the rhythm of the music. This romantic cruise starts in the afternoon, approximately an hour and a half before sunset for a total of 2 and a half hours cruise. We guarantee: you will be amazed at this magical and ephemeral spectacle that the sky offers at sunset, when the sun disappears over the horizon like a ball of fire, behind the Barcelona skyline. Don't miss it!

The cruise includes romantic music, a bottle of cava, wifi, cold soft drinks, fruit and a variety of snacks. Chin Chin!

Price: 280 €

Stay the night...

Dinner and romantic evening for both of you alone. If you want to stay on board and have dinner, sleep and have breakfast on our sailing ship the next day, we can also offer you the following romantic experience:


The catering is brought to you freshly cooked and warm, on a plate after the sailing excursion, for both of you to dine on board. 

Romantic Menu:

Green spring Salad

Veal steak and french fries - or - sea bream with french fries

Fruit kebab

Price: 520 €

Pictures of our sailing boat "Flamenco"